Social sciences English

At the beginning of establishing our Faculty, Social sciences Department was one of the most important Departments in School of Basic Education / Faculty of physical and Basic Education at University of Sulaimani.

At first our Faculty (College of Teachers ) in ( 2003- 2004) studied its Social sciences subjects with other specialties as a common study, but in (2004-2005) Social Sciences Department stood as a stable Department.

The studying programs is Divided through the specialties such as (History, Geography, Educational Psychology, and Methods of Teaching).

At first studying programs were in form of courses with only two lecturers to Teach, but now the studying programs is annual with fourteen lecturers , one of them is carrying (PhD) and the other Thirteen have Master degree 

In (2006-2007) Social Sciences Department gave Certificates to the students for the first time and so far we are trying to educate special members.

In the first semester of graduation (72) students graduated in our Department, and in (2005-2006) we managed to study Higher Education and till now Social sciences Department evaluated and academically debated (24) Master Letter, but till this moment no one applied for studying PhD which we hope to do in near Future. 

Social Sciences Vision for Future:

This Department tries to be one of the most active and unique Department in Universities of Iraq and Sulaimani in the way of Educating Students and specialist to participate in progressing Kurdish Society 

Department Message: 
Our Department works for developing and progressing Teaching process and methods to create active members in different specialists for making Kurdish Society more Insurance 

Department Goals: 
· Preparing specialized teachers in the scope of the social sciences in order to fulfill the needs of the basic schools. 
· Participating in developing the Kurdish community side by side with the other various specializations in our university. 
· Empowering and improving inventive, cultural and mental skills of students by taking benefit from the contemporary sciences with the    emphasis the society issues. 
· Giving chance to study (M.A and PhD) studies to help make leaders. 
· Developing students' scientific skills in the fields of (history, geography and educational psychology). 
· Making individual of the society by giving them awareness about the process of education in light of contemporary development. 
· Empower students with the spirit of national identity