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About School

About School of Basic Education

First in (2003-2004) was established with the name of College of Teachers at the request of Ministry of Education of Kurdistan Region due 
to their great need to qualified and experienced in the different fields of knowledge.

Study system in our School at it first year of studying was general, i., e., all the students were taking the same subjects. In (2004-2005), four scientific departments were opened at the School which were (Department of English, Department of Mathematics and Computer, Department of Social Sciences, Department of Physical Education) and study system became termly one instead of general.

In (2005-2006) the name of the School was changed from (College of Teachers) to (College of Basic Education) due to reasons:

1. Preparing Experienced in modern fields of knowledge for the primary schools which have the classes (1-9).

2. The names of the counterpart’s colleges in Kurdistan and Iraq Universities were changed to the same name.

In (2006-2007) study system became annual from a termly one after the conference of ministry of higher education was held.

 And in (2010-2011) the three departments of (kindergarten, art, Kurdish) were opened and at the same time department of mathematics and computer was separated to two independent departments (department of mathematics, department of  computer science) and these departments accepted students for the academic year of (2011-2012) except for department of Kurdish which accepted students in (2012-2013), thus, our college now consists of seven departments which are these (department of English, department of social sciences, department of mathematics, department of computer sciences, department of kindergarten, department of art, department of Kurdish). The number of students at this school is (1795), and the number of the graduated students from this school from the year it was established till now is (1660) which received bachelor in the fields of (mathematics and computer, social science, English, physical education).

And in (2011-2012) was decided to incorporate university of Sulaimani colleges. College of basic education was incorporated with college of physical education and became (faculty of sport and basic education/ school of physical, school of basic education), and, at the same time, the department of physical education at our school was separated and transferred to the school of physical education.

Until now (7) classes of students graduated from the different fields of knowledge of the school, and are appointed as teachers at the primary schools and the directorates of ministry of education and their scientific and educational levels were appreciated and lead a good role in the promotion of the process of the reforms in studying and educating students in a scientific way.

The objectives of opining this college are:

1. General objective:

Preparing teachers with balanced and educated personality that is able to do his vocational, educational, and national role, take on his shoulder the role of raising a wise, faithful and able generation in order to secure a bright future for our country.

2. Private objective:

Preparing teachers for the primary schools so that they are qualified to carry out their duties through building a solid basis of general education and a good experience in their own specialties and allow them to practice those before they graduate from university to test the students education levels as well as their ability of applying these skills and knowledge which they obtain in four years time or more.