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كتێبێكی به‌ڕێز مامۆستا مه‌ریوان به‌هاوبه‌شی له‌ وڵاتی به‌ریتانیا بڵاوكرایه‌وه‌.

posted Aug 15, 2017, 10:40 AM by Wria Mohammed Salih Mohammed

Mr. Mariwan N.Hasan’s co-edited book has been published by a UK based publisher recently, which becomes his third book. The title of the co-edited book is T.S. Eliot: Critical Essays. He is a teaching staff member at the College of Basic Education, English Department.

بۆ زانیاری زیاتر كلیك لێره‌ بكه‌

به‌ڕێز مامۆستا مه‌ریوان مامۆستایه‌ له‌ به‌شی زمانی ئینگلیزی كۆلیجی په‌روه‌رده‌ی بنه‌ره‌تی.