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سێمینارێک بەناونیشانی Geographic Information Systems (GIS) پێشکەشکرا

posted Jan 11, 2016, 6:17 AM by Wria Mohammed Salih Mohammed   [ updated Jan 11, 2016, 9:09 AM ]
پاشنیوەڕۆی ئەمڕۆ دووشەممە (٢٠١٦/١/١١) بەڕێز مامۆستا پەیمان عوسمان لە بەشی زانستی کۆمپیوتەرى کۆلێژ سێمینارێکی دەربارەى Geographic Information Systems (GIS) لە هۆڵی ڕاگرایەتی ئەنجامدا.

پوختەیەک دەربارەى سێمینارەکە:

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

What is GIS?

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer-based system including software, hardware, people, and geographic information

A GIS can:

create, edit, query, analyze, and display map information on the computer

Who uses GIS?

International organizations: UN HABITAT, The World Bank, UNEP, FAO, WHO, etc.

Private industry: Transport, Real Estate, Insurance, etc.

Government : Ministries of Environment, Housing, Agriculture, etc.

Local Authorities, Cities, Municipalities, etc.

Provincial Agencies for Planning, Parks, Transportation, etc.

Non-profit organizations/NGO’s: World Resources Institute, ICMA, etc.

Academic and Research Institutions: Smithsonian Institution, CIESIN, etc.