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سازكراStylistics and Language Acquisition through Literature سێمینارێک بەناونیشانی

posted Jan 12, 2016, 9:53 PM by Wria Mohammed Salih Mohammed   [ updated Feb 1, 2016, 5:35 AM by Karzan Tahir Kareem ]


پاشنیوەڕۆی ئەمڕۆ سێشەممە (٢٠١٦/١/١٢) بەڕێز دکتۆر بەختیار سابیر حەمە سەرۆکبەشی  زمانی ئینگلیزی - خوێندنی ئێواران لە کۆلێژی پەروەردەى بنەڕەتی سێمینارێکی دەربارەى Stylistics and Language Acquisition through Literature  لە هۆڵی ڕاگرایەتی پێشکەشکرد.

پوختەیەک دەربارەى ناوەڕۆکی سێمینارەکە:

Stylistics and Language Acquisition through Literature

Dr. Bakhtiar Sabir Hama

The presentation is the summery of a paper I published in the Diyala Journal for Humanities issued by University of Diyala.


“The students, in the department of English Languages, study English literature for four years but they cannot get benefit from it to increase their knowledge in English language because they  do  not  know  that  one  of  the  purposes  behind  studying literature is to help them improve their language skills and they do  not  know  how  to  use  literature  to  achieve  this  aim.  The  purpose  of  the  paper  is  to  teach  students  how  to  acquire language through a systematic study of the linguistic elements in the literary texts and how language can be employed to achieve various goals. To accomplish the aims of the study, students are introduced to stylistic analysis since stylistics is the study of the language of literature.

The  research  is  based  on  a  questionnaire  carried  out  in  the English  Department  of  the  School  of  Languages  at  the University of Sulaimani and the fourth year students participated in it. The students were asked only two questions related to the aims of the research. They were asked whether they got benefit from literature to improve their language skills or not and whether language learners should study literature or not.  The paper is apparently divided into two parts. In the first part, the  answers  of  the  students  are  explored  to  find  out  the students’ views regarding acquiring language through literature and the necessity of spending a long time reading and studying literary  texts  for  foreign  learners  of  English.  The second segment is devoted to teaching students how to acquire language through studying literature and how to use language more effectively and how to make certain meanings. To achieve these goals, students are introduced to the stylistic analysis and some examples are scrutinized from a stylistic point of view to teach students how to acquire language through literature and how to use the same information in their daily activities.”


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