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توێژینەوەیەکی زانستی لەلایەن بەرێز م.مەریوان بڵاوکرایەوە بە ناونیشانی (The Function of Epigraphs to T. S. Eliot’s Poetry)

posted Jun 1, 2016, 1:47 AM by Wria Mohammed Salih Mohammed

The Function of Epigraphs to T. S. Eliot’s Poetryبه‌ناونیشانی   

Mariwan N. Hasan Barzinji


It is very hard to see Eliot’s poems without having a quotation or two that precedes it. The quotation is an epigraph that is completely an insight into the content of the poem "Mistah Kurtz-he dead," or "however that was in another nation. . ." are two citations every now and again offered in token of the real thing. Evidently readers of Eliot's verse comprehend an exceptional wellness in the citations which head Eliot’s poems; they perceive that the quotation, not exactly the title, has a place characteristically to the content which it serves. Notwithstanding when the inclination of the quotation is not superbly comprehended, its power is obviously felt.

Keywords: Epigraph, Poetry, Modernism & T. S. Eliot

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