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College of Basic Education

Art Education


The department of Art Education  is one of the active departments in the College of Basic Education at the University of Sulaymaniyah. It was established in the academic year 2011–2012. It grants a bachelor’s degree in the field of art education in general. Its curriculum revolves around some artistic subjects in the fields of plastic arts, music, and theater, as well as some educational and psychological subjects, in addition to some general subjects.

The department also grants master’s and doctorate degrees in art education as a general specialty as well as precise specialization in the following fields:

The curriculum and methods of teaching arts, teaching and learning technology, the art of music and theater, and so far, eight batches of undergraduates and four batches of master’s students have graduated from this department. Moreover, currently there is one batch of doctoral students who have not completed their studies yet.

Department Vision:

The department’s visions include preparing generations of teachers of art education who are scientifically, technically, and educationally qualified to take over the task of teaching art education to our dear students, generation after generation, in basic education schools. As well as preparing teaching cadres who hold a master’s degree and a doctorate in the field of art education with its multiple disciplines and who are qualified to teach in the department of art education in the universities of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and abroad.

Department Mission:

Preparing generations of male and female teachers specialized in the field of art education who are academically, scientifically, technically and educationally qualified, according to the foundations and advanced modern trends in this field, to teach our dear students, generation after generation, in basic education schools in Iraqi Kurdistan, with the aim of spreading artistic and aesthetic awareness in them as well. In addition to refining and developing their artistic talents in various fields such as:

Plastic arts, handicrafts, music arts and theater. In order to build a conscious, educated and innovative society that appreciates beauty and art, supports it and contributes effectively to it, in a way that serves our society towards a prosperous and better future, in various fields of life.

This is in addition to preparing generations of qualified university teachers in the field of specializations of the department, to contribute effectively in preparing generations of qualified teachers of art education for our basic schools. Overall, in this department, students are prepared to teach artistic subjects (music, plastic art, and theater) in primary schools in an active and successful manner on a scientific and academic basis that will benefit society and educational and artistic institutions in the future. Their interests through the practice of the arts, such as musicians, painters, and actors, or through theoretical research that serves the arts.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completing the designed semesters, the graduates will be able to do the following:

  1.     Become familiar with local and foreign arts.
  2.     Become familiar with ideas related to education, learning and teaching the arts (painting, music, and theater), educational assessment methods, grading, and examination.
  3.     Gain expertise in field arts such as mural painting, music concerts, and theatrical performances.
  4.     Develop their skills in the higher arts.
  5.     Conducting artistic research that requires academic standards.

6.      They have access to original, academic resources relevant to their subject of study.

Study Methods:

The study methods of the department are both theoretical and practical. The topics are divided into two groups: theoretical topics and practical topics. Theoretical topics include psychology, art history, and teaching and learning methods. Practical subjects include painting, crafts, ceramics, sculpture, design, general solfege, anthems, and songs; playing musical instruments; acting and directing; school theater; and graduation programs in the arts. Moreover, during their fourth year, our students will undergo teaching practice in primary schools, where they will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in a real-world setting. This experience not only allows them to gain practical teaching skills but also prepares them to become effective and successful teachers in the future.


The Department of Art Education uses both Kurdish and English as languages of instruction, with Kurdish being the primary language and English being used as a secondary language.


With regard to undergraduate studies, their duration is four academic years according to the semester system under the Bologna Process curriculum (eight semesters)

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