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College of Basic Education

Kurdish Language


Historically, this is the seventh department of the College of Basic Education that received its first batch of students in the academic year 2012–2013 and has had seven graduate courses so far.

Graduates of this department will become teachers for levels one to nine in an academic and scientific manner and will have job opportunities in private and public schools. It should be noted that since the academic year 2017-2018, evening classes have been opened in this department, and a large number of teachers of the Ministry of Education who hold diplomas to improve their scientific ability and their degrees have benefited from this department in Kurdish literature.

As for higher education in this department, in the academic year 2019–2020, we received the first batch of master’s students and so far have had two batches of master’s graduates. In the academic year (2020-2021) we received the first batch of higher diploma students, and so far we have had one batch of higher diploma graduates.

Currently, our department plans to open all three types of higher education (high diploma, master’s degree, and doctorate) in different specialties (language, literature, and teaching methods).

Department Vision:

The main effort of the Department of Kurdish Language is to educate graduates in the field of Kurdish language and literature by directing new and contemporary scientific programs and methods.​​The aim of the department is  to train educational and professional teachers in the future, as well as paying attention to psychological education and familiarizing students with how to teach in schools.

Department Mission:

The aim of the Department of Kurdish Language is to educate and train students in the field of Kurdish language and literature. It is also to educate the new generation in terms of psychology and healthy education and to listen to them in an academic manner based on contemporary methods to become primary education teachers in schools. Another goal of the department is to develop students’ scientific abilities, especially how to implement the steps of scientific research and build critical thinking in the fields of literature and linguistics. Students are guided and educated on the basis of humanity and contemporary scientific education, as well as paying attention to their abilities to write and express themselves in a concise form.

Learning Outcomes:

After graduating from this department, students not only develop a scientific personality, but also develop a deep cognitive background on Kurdish culture, language and literature and become professional and academic teachers of Kurdish in public and private schools.

Study Methods:

The study method in the department is both theoretical and practical. The topics are divided into two groups: theoretical topics and practical topics. Theoretical topics include linguistic, literary and educational topics such as grammar, children’s literature and educational psychology, developmental psychology and teaching and learning methods, etc. Practical topics include writing, reading comprehension, testing, observation and discussion. Moreover, during their fourth year, our students will undergo teaching practice in primary schools, where they will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in a real-world setting; they will enter classrooms and teach in a practical way. This experience not only allows them to gain practical teaching skills, but also prepares them to become effective and successful teachers in the future.


In general, the language of instruction in this department is Kurdish, but Arabic and English may also be incorporated into some lessons at different stages.


The total duration of study in this department is four years, which is divided into eight different semesters.

Academic Staff:

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