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The Kindergarten Department is one of the departments in the College of Basic Education at the University of Sulaimani, which has both morning and evening classes. Morning classes started in 2011-2012, which is an aco-education-gender class. The department accepts students from both scientific and literary branches. Evening classes started in 2014–2015 because of the Ministry of Education’s necessity of this specialty in which BA and diploma holders can maintain their academic careers. Students will be awarded a bachelor’s degree after meeting all the study requirements. Since the academic year 2018–2019, postgraduate studies have been offered in the department.

Department Vision:

The vision of the department is to prepare academic experts in the field of child education and prepare specialized teachers to work in child education in Sulaimani and its suburbs.

Department Mission:

The Kindergarten Department strives to prepare graduates with a bachelor’s degree to work in public and private kindergartens and provide them with the best educational and educational experiences, as well as to offer internationally recognized undergraduate / postgraduate programs in the Kindergarten Department. The modules mainly try to enhance the interest of BA, MA, and PhD students in concepts such as theories, methods, approaches, scientific and pedagogical techniques, and their teaching, as well as concepts related to educational assessment, assessment, curriculum design, educational psychology, etc. It also develops students’ level of awareness, critical thinking, critical analysis, and academic research skills.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of their studies, the graduates will be able to do the following:

  1. Teaching, refining, developing, and raising children in public and private kindergartens with the latest successful scientific and educational teaching methods.
  2.   Preparing an educated generation according to modern and advanced educational methods.
  3.   Managing kindergartens using modern and advanced administrative methods.
  4.   Developing the speaking, writing, listening, and reading levels of educational skills in children
  5.   Conduct research that meets academic standards.
  6.   Get access to authentic and academic sources related to their disciplines.

Study Methods:

The department uses the Bologna process. The teaching methods include lectures and reports. Assessment is conducted through a semester examination, a mid-term examination, quizzes, and report writing. Moreover, during the fourth year, our students will undergo teaching practice in primary schools, where they will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in a real-world setting. They will enter classrooms and teach in a practical way. This experience not only allows them to gain practical teaching skills but also prepares them to become effective and successful teachers in the future.


In general, the language of instruction in the department of Kindergarten is Kurdish.


The duration of study in this department is four years, divided into eight semesters full time.

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